QuizFlick Jr

Fun table top game for the family

QuizFlick Jr is a Table Top game for your family game night, classroom, party or coffee break. It is a first of its kind game where kids and adults can compete in fun trivia and flick games on equal terms. No matter who you are, you will always learn something new from QuizFlick Jr’s professionally written trivia questions and laugh as you try to hit your targets in the flick games.



Happi Halloween

FREE fun multiplayer game

Join Happi and Papi for some Halloween fun in this multiplayer game on one device. Beat your opponent by launching your spiders into the vortex before he does the same with his pumpkins. First to reach 10 wins in this 2 player game set at a spooky cute cemetery with a little bit of howling and some squeaky doors…

Happi Words

A word association game for kids

3 pictures – 1 missing word. Figure out the word from the scrambled letters provided, spell it and collect funny characters in this vocabulary, spelling and association game for 6-9 year-olds.  Happi Words also stimulates lateral thinking and sharpens your creative problem solving skills.

Happi & The Pirates

A Spelling, Math and Puzzle Brain Game for Kids

Use your spell-power to uncover treasure chest keys. Rely on your deductive skills to unlock troves for the tools you need to search Pirate Island for clues to the final puzzle.



Happi & The Word Thief

Family Fun Word Game

Oh no! A Wordthief is loose in the town stealing all the words and letters. This is your chance to help out and earn your detective’s badge. Find all the hidden words before the Wordthief steals them and become a spelling detective. A fast paced spelling game with a cute Wordthief!

Happi Full Throttle

Fun Driving for Kids

Happi Full Throttle puts your child in the driver’s seat of 4 really cool vehicles. With the help of the iPad’s camera and a dashboard full of buttons, levers and of course a steering wheel, Happi Full Throttle will make your child feel like a real Fireman, Race car driver, Pilot or Submarine captain.

Happi 123

A Math Game for Kids

Start learning math the natural way with Happi 123.

Almost all kids start to count, add and subtract between the age of 4-7 (some even earlier than that). Most of them do it using their fingers for help. It just comes natural to them. Still none of the 1000’s of math apps on the App Store help kids learn how to count and add this natural way. Until now!

Happi Spells

Crossword Puzzles for Kids

“Happi Spells” is the crossword spelling game where kids can practice spelling in a fun and exciting way by dragging letter tiles on to 48 different mini crossword puzzles. Compete for “snails” and try to improve your own high score. Don’t like your score on one puzzle – just go back and try to beat it. The fewer mistakes, the more “snails” you earn. Every solved puzzle will open up a new one.

Happi Reads

A Learn To Read Game

Is your child taking those first budding steps toward reading on his or her own? Happi Reads will help develop your child’s early reading skills in an engaging and rewarding way. It’s a big thing for both you and your child when he or she is starting to sound out words. With Happi Reads it will be fun and exiting as well.

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