Happi Reads is designed to stimulate early readers.

Happi Reads is designed to stimulate early readers by engaging them in a colorful and teacher approved single word reading activity. Every level has audio feedback and yummy rewards to “eat”. There are 8 languages available within the app - perfect for school and families practicing a second language.

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Cleverly designed to discourage random guessing.

The app is also cleverly designed to discourage random guessing by displaying a new word and picture sequence after an answer has been given. Words that were not correctly recognized initially will be repeated again later in the sequence.

It will be a lot of fun learning!

The app will display a word and three pictures on the screen. The object of the game is to correctly read the word in order to match it to the corresponding picture. For every correct answer a fruit will be earned for later munching once the level is complete.

The words to read will increase in difficulty with each level.

There are 100 words in 4 different levels. In the English version, the first level only uses words from the Dolch sight word list. When a word has been read and the correct picture selected, the word will be read aloud for reinforcement and audio feedback.

Happi Reads

A Learn To Read Game

Is your child taking those first budding steps toward reading on his or her own? Happi Reads will help develop your child’s early reading skills in an engaging and rewarding way. It’s a big thing for both you and your child when he or she is starting to sound out words. With Happi Reads it will be fun and exiting as well.

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