Compete against friends and family in a one-of-a-kind type of quiz game.

Correctly answer questions from over 200 fresh categories. The first player to get 10 right answers will lead the pack into an intense 90 second flick round where the winner of the game is determined.

Each game of QuizFlick consists of a 5-10 min quiz portion followed by three 30-second flick games. There is not a second wasted in this high paced table top game for 1-4 players on a single device.

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Players of all ages can compete together on equal terms.

QuizFlick includes two sets of questions - Adult and Kids. This means that players of all ages can compete together on equal terms. Just choose if you want to play as an adult or kid when you join the game.

All questions used have been professionally written specifically for QuizFlick by experts in their respective fields. The game include more than 3000 questions for each of the supported languages (English, German, Swedish and Norwegian).

QuizFlick Jr

Fun table top game for the family

QuizFlick Jr is a Table Top game for your family game night, classroom, party or coffee break. It is a first of its kind game where kids and adults can compete in fun trivia and flick games on equal terms. No matter who you are, you will always learn something new from QuizFlick Jr’s professionally written trivia questions and laugh as you try to hit your targets in the flick games.

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