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Reinventing learning apps

Happi Papi's education platform allows you to create, play and share a variety of learning apps. Do it on the web, in iOS & Android apps and in real life. Simply put, it powers the creation of stunning looking learning content in a brand new way.


  • Create many types of apps tailored to your students
  • Subscribe to apps shared by other teachers
  • Works in any language and on every devices
  • Freely share your creations with anyone
  • Print out your apps as worksheets for offline use


Create content tailored to your students

Use our platform to create a learning experience for your students or children that is unique and 100% tailored to their needs. Create or find material designed for special needs, learning a second languages, challenging gifted students and more.

Share with anyone

You can share the apps you create with the world, letting others learn from what you have created. Collaborate with teachers across the globe or share your apps with student parents for in-home practice and reinforcement.


The Happi Papi user interface supports nine major languages but you can create learning content in ANY language you want. Find content created by others in your language or if you teach a second language, find and use content created by natives in that language.

Classroom friendly

Control iOS & Android app content for a student or the entire class from your web browser. You can easily toggle on or off the learning material available on student tablets connected to your Happi Papi account, making it a breeze to manage a classroom.

Works everywhere

At the touch of a button, everything you create on the platform can be published as an app on the web or an app level in supported Happi Papi apps. It can then be played anywhere; on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, your phone, your Chromebook and so on. You can even print out the material for use in the classroom, at home or on a field trip.

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