Wednesday 8th August 2012

Happi Full Throttle Selected as Top App

We just learned that Happi Full Throttle has been selected both as a Top App and as the "Show and Tell" app of Sep 21 over at KinderTown.

This is what KinderTown has to say about Happi Full Throttle: Happi Full Throttle takes your child on an adventure while they roam through the house or yard with the in app fire truck, sports car, police helicopter or submarine. Your screen becomes the windshield of these different vehicles with lots of little effects that make the experience authentic. Pairing exploring through the viewpoint of specific jobs with an experience that gets kids up and moving makes this app one of a kind. Download today!

This is what Happi Papi has to say about KinderTown: We are humbled, thank you so much!

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