Friday 18th March 2016

Our first Apple TV app – Quiz Tac Toe – is now live

If you own a new Apple TV (4th gen) you really need to try our new quiz-app, Quiz Tac Toe.

You show off your trivia and strategy qualifications on a modified tic-tac-toe board (see screen shot below).

Choose a tile, answer the question behind it correctly and you get to claim it with one of your four markers. Object of the game is to get three in row. However, unlike a regular tic-tac-toe game where two reasonably good players can play forever without a winner emerging, in Quiz Tac Toe you get to move your tiles around making it as much about strategy as trivia knowledge.

The game is played with the Apple TV's Siri remote and is for two players or teams. It is also perfect for family game night as it has question sets for both Adult and Young players. Quiz Tac Toe is available in English, German, Swedish and Norwegian.



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