Friday 29th August 2014

Happi Words Gets User Profiles, New Name

On Aug 28 we updated and renamed Happi Connect & Collect to Happi Words. One of the most sought after features from the school community has been user profiles (i.e. the ability to save game progress separately for all users of the app).

For that reason we are very pleased to announce that Happi Words is the first app to get this feature. You now have the possibility to create up to 15 different user profiles within the app. Each profile will keep track of that persons game progress.

At the same time we took the opportunity to simplify and streamline the app as well. We gave it a shorter, but better describing name – Happi Words. We also updated the icon to better show what the app is about.

Last, but not least, we have made the game play speedier and more fluid. All in all a better app with a better name and with a great new function: user profiles.


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