Tuesday 11th March 2014

New App – Happi Connect & Collect

On Thursday, March 13, we will release a new app called Happi Connect & Collect in English. The app has been hand crafted to look and sound great in 8 other languages as well (SE, DK, NO, DE, FR, IT, ES, PT).

Right now we are gearing up to help the app off to a good start. Among other things we are:

  • Writing press releases
  • Emailing review sites
  • Telling friends and family
  • Submitting artwork to Apple in hopes of a feature
  • Sending out teasers through our social media channels

Happi Connect & Collect is all about connecting your thoughts to come up with words based on the pictures we show you. If you do (and spell the words correctly) you can collect funny cards from us and fill your built-in album with them. Lot's of hints, clever stories, strategy decisions and laughs.

Hi! If you have any questions or wonder about something, click here to chat.