Wednesday 9th October 2013

The Happi Teacher Program

We are finally ready to re-launch our app evaluation program for schools. So without further ado may I introduce the new and improved Happi Teacher Program. As of this post, the program is now open for registration on a first come, first served basis.

If you are a developer and want to register an app for promotion to the 3000 teachers in the program you need a user id and password which you apply for on the site. We tried to leave the registration part open but was attacked by spam bots almost immediately. Quite scary to see how fast they act!

Program highlights:

  • Promote an educational oriented iPad app to 3000 teachers world wide.
  • Receive feedback through a custom made survey for your app
  • Receive iTunes reviews and the possibility of educational purchases
  • A permanent spot on the program site with icon, app description and App Store link
  • Social media shout to about 2000 followers (in addition to the 3000 teachers in the program)

What is expected of you, the developer:

  • Set your app to free for 24 hours
  • Submit survey questions for your app survey (if you want to)
  • Pay program fee of $101

Hi! If you have any questions or wonder about something, click here to chat.