Patrick Larsson

Wednesday 4th May 2016

Happi Papi at AppCon16 in Washington DC

Once again Happi Papi joined ACT – The App Association and other app developers for briefings and meetings on Capitol Hill.

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This year's event focused on Computer Science education for K-12 and encryption. While Happi Papi, along with almost every other app developer on the planet, thinks that it is a bad idea to build in backdoors into apps that bypass encryption, we feel even more strongly about Computer Science education for kids.

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Already today, about 70% of all jobs require computer skills. In the future that number will only get higher. As a society, we rely heavily on the computer "savvyness" of future generations and if that is not reason enough consider that most computer science jobs (a lot of them unfilled at the moment) pay about double the average salary.

For that reason we met with Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio's offices as well as Congressmen Frankel, Buchanan and Woodall's offices to ask for their support in funding CS education. Happi Papi has also signed the petition calling for K-12 computer science education funding. Will you?

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Patrick Larsson Patrick is co-founder of Happi Papi.
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