Patrick Larsson

Tuesday 29th March 2016

Make your own app in 5 min. – Introducing Happi Create!

Yes, you are right. The above headline was meant to be attention grabbing and is in fact stretching the truth a little bit. But still, being able to offer any customer a way to basically create their own learning app in a flash is a big deal.

And that is just what you can do on our new platform, Happi Create. In more technical terms, Happi Create is a content crowdsourcing service where people create and subscribe to new levels for supported apps – all for free by the way.

It works like this:

– You sign up for a free account on the Happi Create website or through any supported app. (Happi Create is equally accessible both through the web and through its apps.)

– Once signed in you create your own learning content using the App Designer that best matches the type of learning experience you like. Currently there are App Designers to make Crossword apps, Word Search apps, Flash Card apps and Quiz apps with many more to come.

– The content you create instantaneously becomes available as a new level in the apps associated with the App Designer you used.

– If you do not feel comfortable or simply don't want to create your own content, you can as easily subscribe to community content created and shared by others.

– All content created on Happi Create can be played not only on iOS and Android devices but also on the web using a PC or Mac and your browser of choice. You can even print out your levels for use on a field or road trip.

With Happi Create we offer the opportunity for teachers and parents to create or subscribe to content that is a 100% fit with their student's and children's current learning needs. Thus, Happi Create will dramatically extend the usefulness and shelf life of all its supported apps – all for free!

In our next blog post we will take an in-depth look at how you create an app with a Happi Create App Designer.


Patrick Larsson Patrick is co-founder of Happi Papi.
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