Patrick Larsson

Sunday 20th March 2016

How do you compete with greatness? Ask your customers!

When an app customer can buy a learning app for under two bucks that is both stylish and has great learning content, what more is there to offer?

This was the question we asked ourselves a little over a year ago when we were planning our next Happi Papi app. To be honest, at first we weren't able to come up with a good answer. Then we did what we should have done from the start – we asked our customers!

The emerging picture turned out to be a little more nuanced than what we had thought. Yes, there were a lot of stylish learning apps on the App Store and yes a lot of them had great learning content. However, as great as that content was, most of the time it was not a great fit with what was taught in the classroom.

In essence, learning app customers, despite the plethora of choices out there, most of the time had to settle for a great looking and working app OR an app with learning content that matched what a student really needed to work on.

So instead of trying to compete with awesome looking apps with great learning content in a saturated market we had now stumbled upon an unfulfilled niche. What if we could offer stylish and clever apps but with learning content that was a 100% fit with students' needs?

We already knew that our apps were well liked by customers and platform owners alike after 20+ features from Apple and several hundred thousands of paid downloads. All we had to do now was to come up with a way to tailor the learning content in the apps to every student out there…

Our answer – Happi Create! Stay tuned for our next post where we will explain exactly what Happi Create is.

Patrick Larsson Patrick is co-founder of Happi Papi.
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