Patrick Larsson

Monday 14th March 2016

The Landscape is Changing…

Almost five years ago to the day, Happi Papi released its first learning app for kids – Happi Reads. Already before that, we had made two promises upon which we would base our company:

1) Never use ads, tricky In-App-Purchases or links to the Internet.

2) Consistently raise the bar in the children's learning app space.

While we have never waivered from promise #1 (our beliefs are simply too strong on this), we have found it increasingly hard to live up to pledge #2.

When we started out, all it took to raise the bar among learning apps for kids was to make an app that was both creative and stylish. Put a little harshly, it was fairly simple to stand out in an early sea of "PowerPoint-apps".

Fast forward five years and you will find a dedicated Kids section (did not even exist when we started out) that is filled to the brim with apps that are not only stunning and innovative but also pedagogically sound and based on researched school curricula. Now, how do you raise the bar on that?!

Well, let me start by saying it wasn't easy but after more than a year of behind the scene work (we have not released an app in over a year), we now think that we have come up with something that has the potential to really change what people will come to expect from a learning app going forward.

In a series of short blog posts we will introduce what we believe will be the future of learning apps – Happi Create! Stay tuned for our next post coming to a device near you soon…

Patrick Larsson Patrick is co-founder of Happi Papi.
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